Speed up your shaving routine

My last cordless electric razor met an unfortunate demise in the toilet, so I read through reviews to find the best replacement for fast shaving. Remington has a good reputation supporting its products, so I was hoping to find a new shaver in the Remington line.

RX 1370 Design
Beautiful design

A cordless shaver needs to have several attributes before purchasing. It’s handle needs to be easy to grip, especially when used wet in the sink or shower. It needs to hold a charge for a decent length of time, and charge up quickly. It should also be easy to clean, and if there are removable parts they need to separately easily, and also snap together quickly.

I found the Remington XR1370 review after reading the best electric shaver reviews website. It sounded like it fulfilled all the attributes that I was searching for in a fast cordless shaver. Of course the big answer would be testing it for myself.

The Remington XR1370 comes in an attractive black finish with silver highlights. There are three rotary shavers on the end. There’s an LED display so you can quickly check and see how much charge is remaining. Remington uses its patented “hyper flex” technology, with “active contour xl” and “precision plus” heads. In other words, the rotary head flexes and moves with the skin to get the cleanest, closest shave possible.

The Remington is powered by a lithium battery. It has a quick charge, in case you forgot to plug it in the night before. Particularly handy on days when you’re rushed. The quick charge gives you a chance to shave in the morning, without having to wait for the unit to provide a full charge.

Fast shaving
Fast shaving

A pop up comfort trimmer lets you get into those hard to reach places, so you don’t have to worry about leaving behind any hair. One great feature on the Remington XR1370 is that is can be used wet or dry. So if you just want to have a quick trim during the day, you can do so. In the morning you can use it wet in the sink to get a closer deeper shave. You can even use it in the shower if you’re in rush. Buy one of those fog-resistant mirrors so you can see what you’re doing! Otherwise you will need to do a touch-up during the day.

Apparently Remington considers this its best rotary shaver. It runs under $100, which is a fair price for a shaver with these features. I found it gave a good clean close shave with my type of hair. There was no tugging or pulling, and no discomfort whatsoever. It almost made shaving a pleasure and not a chore. I also tried the shaver wet with shaving foam, and while it seemed to give a better shave, I find shaving foam a bit disorienting, so don’t normally use it. Water and soap is best for me.

I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the Remington XR1370, and time will tell if spending a few bucks more on a cordless shave will be worth it. I’d certainly be willing to check out Remington’s higher end models next time round.